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Any Dani Dollars spent in Edmonton is a major plus. I really have to credit the leadership of MacEwan, for a school that only became an accredited university less than 15 years ago, they've been quickly transforming into an undergraduate juggernaut. I know their business school gained a lot of traction with a lot of great students given their direct admission scheme verses the U of A (and I think U of C as well) required pre-professional year--which is almost why I think the U of A finally changed to direct entry.
She'll announce Funding decreases at the Uof A. because Universities are not where the money is now. To Much Science.
Maybe a funding announcement on the Northlands demolition? I can only hope.
They're waiting on a back bencher's nephew to start a concrete recycling front business before allocating funding. Can't let a good grift opportunity go to waste.

I assume this is the "announcement?" This particular post doesn't detail the bucks other than "72M for AB." Or is this group enroute to MacEwan with Her Worshipfulness in tow for 2nd announcement?