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MacDonald Lofts


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Residents of MacDonald Lofts given 1 year to relocate after ICE District buys property
Residents of MacDonald Lofts were served notice Monday that they have one year to move out of the social housing building in downtown Edmonton.

ICE District Joint Venture, which is part of the Katz Group, says it will help people living in the building relocate.

A relocation notice was given to residents of the 87-unit apartment building Monday. The notice gives them one full year (365 days) to find alternative housing.
MacDonald Lofts, in the area of 101 Street and 105 Avenue, is a subsidized housing unit. Most of the people who live in the 1912 MacDonald Lofts building collect some sort of social assistance.

Ice District works with authorities to relocate residents of MacDonald Lofts
Residents of MacDonald Lofts were served with relocation notices Monday, giving tenants one year to find alternative housing.

“We’re working closely with all the various social agencies … and the government of Alberta to make sure we get (residents) into better housing which is safe,” Glen Scott, senior vice-president of real estate for Katz Group, said in an interview Monday.

The Ice District Joint Venture bought the dilapidated property in late 2016.

The low-rent apartment building at 10128 105 Ave. is the site of a bed bug and cockroach infestation and unsanitary conditions.

Alberta Health Services charged the owners and managers of the 91-unit building in February for 377 violations under the Housing Regulation and Public Health Act. Several units were declared unfit for human habitation.

“We know that these people are disadvantaged … and they need a hand up,” Scott said, noting the company needs to gain access to the entire building to assess the conditions.