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Is anyone here a member of the Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board?


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Dec 5, 2020
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Edmonton, Alberta
If you haven't heard of it, the CPTDB is basically the transit equivalent of this website. I've been trying to join for months, but it doesn't seem like the admins are approving new accounts, nor are they responding to emails. Does anyone know what's going on there, and why new accounts don't seem to be accepted at the moment? I know this isn't related to skyrise cities, but I just thought I'd ask here in case someone here is also a member of that forum and has an explanation or idea.
Sounds like a page I'd like, but I don't know anything about it.
Sounds like a page I'd like, but I don't know anything about it.
You can find it here:
It just frustrates me because I see info about Fort Sask Transit that is long out of date, but I can't update the darn thing haha
thanks for sharing about this. I now have a new message board to creep! actually, their Valley Line (the first thing i checked, of course) content is kind of lacking compared to here. They still have cool bus content though! I hop they add you lol. maybe send a message with the new info if you can?
Update for anyone who's interested: My account was approved last week, with a message of apologies from the Admins but no explanation as to why it took so long (in total, between the two accounts I tried making, I waited about a year). If you were thinking of making an account, there's no harm in registering and waiting. Eventually your account will be approved, and the folks there are very knowledgeable so I think it was worth the wait! The one big drawback compared to Skyrise Cities, in my opinion, is that their Edmonton section unfortunately seems to be fairly inactive compared to here.
So, an admin told me that accounts don't need manual approval! They haven't gotten back to me about what happened in my case, but apparently it isn't the norm. So I encourage interested folks to register and see what happens. Hopefully you will be able to post right away, and if you can't, I can ask the admins to look into it further!
@Platinum107 @cliffapotamus
The guy who runs the website clarified that accounts actually do require manual approval, but it shouldn't take too long. He'll look directly into your account, and he told me to PM him the usernames of anyone else from here who registers :)