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High Level Bridge Streetcar / ERRS

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end of the line as of this year,
Day 2 WCFW, Street car 2019-09-18 035.JPG

Had a quick chat with one of the motormen and he mentioned that it's unlikely there's any work on extending the line to Whyte anytime soon, & something about the hold up is that there's some conflicts over a segment of province owned land. Anyone? I would hope they can have the extension opened for the 2020 season. Lets get on with it, they got their DP back in May!

Day 2 WCFW, Street car 2019-09-18 010.JPG WCFW day 2, Thursday 2019-09-19 005.JPG WCFW day 2, Thursday 2019-09-19 018.JPG WCFW day 2, Thursday 2019-09-19 044.JPG
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That's awesome news! I hope the ERS has the funding or receives some more to increase the capacity of the line also. There's one passing loop and a 2nd terminal at the Jasper Ave station, but I'm not sure if this would be enough for the increased service capacity later on. From what I understand ERRS had 2 streetcars for the line (they had three but streetcar 601 was shipped back to Hannover, Germany) and I hope they can order at least 1 more to ensure that the capacity is there. Who knows what other expansions will happen down the line... ;)