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Grow Together YEG


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Nov 6, 2021
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Grow Together YEG is a new citizen advocacy group that's trying to counter balance the NIMBY voices opposing the new zoning bylaw. Long term, we're aiming to grow into a strong pro-housing voice similar to More Neighbours Toronto or Abundant Housing Vancouver. If this sounds like the kind you'd be interested in, send me a direct message. We've got a pretty broad coalition of supporters, but we could definitely use more volunteers.

Stay tuned for a website and a mailing list that will be up soon.
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How is this different from UDI, CHBA, or IDEA?
Great question! Grow Together YEG is different because it's grassroots and citizen led. Those other groups do fantastic work but they are run almost entirely by folks involved in the development industry. If we can build a deep bank of ordinary residents that support things like the new zoning bylaw, I think we can convince a lot of people that would write off industry voices as just "greedy developers".
Our website is up and running now at:

Check it out for some detailed breakdowns on the benefits of zoning bylaw renewal, to join our newsletter or to use our email tool to let your councillor know you support the new zoning bylaw.

If you'd like to join us or add your name to the "about us" list, just let me know. We'll have lots of opportunities to take action and make your voice heard.
Quick update: The website has really taken off since the launch. Every eyeball we can get on it is an eyeball that's (hopefully) inoculated from the misinformation being spread by NIMBY groups like SmarterInfillYEG, so I'm very happy with the progress. Again, if you'd like to help out or eventually speak at council we'd love to have you on board.