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Not exactly where to put this post but this is for the SE corner (137 ave and 97 st) where the existing retail spaces are. They cut down all the trees and seems like they're moving ahead with something. I remember someone saying that it was supposed to be a grocery store but that fell through?
Might be this
Project website

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One of the highlights of the interior is the use of cool pastel wallpaper for wall decoration. We chose among best peel and stick wallpaper brands and stayed on FancyWalls. They offer a wide range of wallpapers of different types, the key is that they are all made from the best materials.
Wow, this building design looks amazing!

I especially like the brown and white tones of the building. The brown color gives the building solidity and solidity, while the white color makes it lighter and airier.

Overall, I think this project is very successful. It combines style, modernity and functionality.