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Project website


2-building project is underway on Griesbach Parade. Re-zoning was approved, fences are up, and there's been a flurry of activity on both sides.

Project is by Forum, which is developing entire Village area minus the inside spot where Sobey's was supposed to go, and is currently up for rezoning as well by a different group.
Thanks for sharing this lovely project, I'll add it to the database today!
Why developers even consider pools as an amenity is beyond me. Our climate simply is not conducive to them, they are expensive to run and quite a liability.
I was rather amused with the concept. We'll see if it's actually included. Overall the project looks pretty good, though the amount of surface parking really drives home the fact the two properties right along Griesbach Parade were intended to be mixed-use. It's tragic that didn't turn out as planned.
^ This project:


The commercial project next door. I love the big, open glass. Turning out significantly better than I had anticipated. Maybe Griesbach will get a damn sit down burger joint with craft beer (or tacos)...


And another large condo project. I'm less enthusiastic about the exterior on this one:


And some gratuitous shots of the latest lake. Community fire pit where the new rink will be, maple leaf archway, bike tools (bets on when they're stolen? I guess 2 weeks), and an example of the outdoor workout equipment positioned around the lake.

Not exactly where to put this post but this is for the SE corner (137 ave and 97 st) where the existing retail spaces are. They cut down all the trees and seems like they're moving ahead with something. I remember someone saying that it was supposed to be a grocery store but that fell through?