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Expectations for Edmonton in 2022

Listening in on a presentation on cities and recovery. The presenter was shocked about this until they dug deeper and uncovered that it is 'The WEM Effect'. Regional travel is way up.
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Simply illustrates that Triple 555's investment concept was right on the money way back in the 1970s. I recall that the City Council of that era was trying to get 555 to pull off a similar feat in downtown Edmonton (which they ultimately did in a half-hearted way) but the City fathers (mothers, brothers and sisters) were unwilling to assist to any significant degree. Oh how downtown would have changed had they had the benefit of foresight back in those days. Seems like a few current Councillors (3 to be precise) have the same lack of vision portrayed by that Council nigh on 50-years ago when it comes to an amenity that benefits downtown connectivity vis-a-vis the sub-surface pedway system. "Shame, shame, double shame... now everybody knows your names".
Totally meaningless publicity on most national and local news stations across Canada and likely in other key markets; I must have seen it a half dozen times.

These, regardless of what you might think, create buzz and generate interest from outside investors, entrepreneurs and folks looking to move to a more affordable city that can still provide them a good quality of life.

Not having Edmonton there IS ABSOLUTELY AN ISSUE.
While the article is focused on Calgary (Calgary Herald), the news applies to Alberta generally with solid growth (see the map) for Central Alberta and for Grande Prairie...
Some highlights...
A TD Economics report released Wednesday projects Alberta’s economy will lead the country this year, growing by 5.5 per cent.
In May, Alberta’s jobless rate dropped to 5.3 per cent, its lowest point since early 2015.
By the first quarter of this year, the province had 88,000 vacant jobs — and 96 per cent were outside the oil and gas industry, Lane noted.
Workers are needed in areas such as agri-food, energy, film and television, health care and accommodations.
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