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Edmonton's Population

I don't think Lougheed was anti Edmonton, but yes at the time he wanted to build up Calgary. I feel his vision was Alberta having two major fairly equal cities.

Klein on the other hand seemed to hate Edmonton and tried to move whatever he could to Calgary.
Give me a break. Lougheed was definitely a better politician but he accomplished far more than Klein in favouring one city over another. His propaganda at the time was decentralization is more cost effective. Can you imagine. Moving the Alberta Distance Learning centre to Barrhead. WTF Anything that wasn’t nailed down was moved out of Edmonton. Even building the Neil Crawford centre on university land away from Edmonton’s downtown pure spite. The point of governing is to govern equally for all citizens not to promote one region over another and that he certainly didn’t do.
+Lougheed Built Hospitals in Most major rural centres and add a Provincial centre in each of those communities. Klein reduced those and centred more in the 2 major cities. Yah he leaned more toward Calgary but not anymore than any other premier. Some city councils did more damage to businesses leaving than the PCs. UCP is another animal all together. One to fear.
I don't think moving the Alberta Distance Learning centre was some sort of great blow for Edmonton, probably the only ones who really noticed were the employees affected. Barrhead is only about an hour away from Edmonton, so its not like they relocated to a very isolated place.

Lougheed did spend a good amount on rebuilding the entire U of A Hospital complex and the Leg. As for the now called Crawford centre, not downtown but not a bad location, fairly central and close to LRT. Better than Alberta Pensions which more recently moved from downtown to Windemere.
Just a bunch of apologist for the blatant favouritism by a provincial leader. You missed the point I was making the distance learning centre in and of itself no big deal it was just indicative of his strategy. Win Calgary and the rural areas and screw Edmonton.
The legislature upgrades were done on the relative cheap value engineered with exposed aggregate everywhere instead of some quality stone. Besides they needed a warm secure place to park their trucks
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His comment about about the high cost of electricity was interesting. What you save on rent or mortgage payments are offset by the high cost of electricity.
His comment about about the high cost of electricity was interesting. What you save on rent or mortgage payments are offset by the high cost of electricity.
I thought he probably wasn't aware of Alberta's fixed rate options which are at 10 cents KwH at the moment... less than BC. Probably he just looked at a comparison of the floating rates.
That’s counting in migration during the oil crash as well oof.

We’re probably going to get similar if not larger numbers in the next decade, if other provinces and cities don’t get their affordability crises in order.
I think this hasn't entirely sunk in here yet, because we in Alberta are conditioned to believe over decades in migration occurs when oil prices are high and people leaving when oil prices are low.

So given oil prices are not really high now (or really low either) the traditional Alberta way of thinking is immigration should be modest. But affordability elsewhere is now the driver, not local economic conditions.