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Remember when dozens, if not hundreds of residents said that this would be the end of their neighbourhood?

They're still speaking about the end times when it comes to the mid-rise behind it that's gonna be built (I forgot what the project is called). Hopefully the new zoning bylaw will lessen the amount that this happens, reserving the flack for larger projects and developers who can take it.

On another note, this project along with Lister Hall right across the street is making this corner of the U of A feel quite dense and I like it. Very nice project
The problem with this building (similar to the problem with the View on the north side) is the disturbing misalignment of "structural" elements in a vertical array that relegates materials to "wallpaper" applications. It is one thing to purposefully challenge architectural norms for an artistic "statement", but when it happens randomly it just smells of ineptitude. This design missed the mark by a mile and sadly, without changing the massing form, it could have been so much better. It is still possible to make the change but I doubt the developer is vested in spending more cash on this one.
Awesome pic @Edmcowboy11 - I absolutely love the street level design with the large glass, earthier tones and overhead lighting. Feels very urban and alive even with empty CRUs. Shame the rest of the building looks worse every time I see it.