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What do you think of this project?

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Actually no Vacs, I like the current project, but even you can maybe admit that the initial design was top shelve and a different tier.
I actually find the initial design to have way less character. It was mostly glass and terracotta tile.

I find the new brick design and offset of materials to be way more appealing
^ So far the beige brick kind of clashes with the cream colour stucco IMO but I think it's overall an interesting building and far from offensive and certainly not ugly.
Man, I'm seriously taken aback by how this development is turning out. You'd figure in a neighborhood where properties easily top a million bucks, developers wouldn't skimp on the finishes.

I get it, this site was just a dirt hole for a while, and yeah, they took it on during the crazy pandemic times, so maybe we cut them some slack. But honestly, I'm getting real tired of constantly giving developers a pass and ending up with these meh-looking buildings scattered all over the city. (I'm looking at you East Junction)

I know not everyone's gonna vibe with my gripes, and that's cool. On the flip side, I do kinda dig the new vibe this place brings to the hood. More people living here, more options for both the locals and the students - that's a win. Also, those ground-level CRUs are a neat touch, they'll be adding some much-needed life to the street.

Looking ahead, I'm hoping the "Windsor Heights" (development next door) might help tie everything together. It could give the whole block a more put-together feel.

So yeah, bottom line, I'm let down by how this is shaping up (I think more cuz we have the original renders and those were 🤩). I'm all for progress, but can we please get some quality that matches the neighborhood's style? Fingers crossed things improve as we go forward.
The finishes themselves aren't too bad, There is a decent percentage of glazing, brick and black and white color scheme is nice. The problem is how they are applied in a haphazard way. It looks like "design by committee".
The downgrade from the very first proposal for Windsor Terrace compared to what we ended up getting is jarring. This looks pretty bad, massive disappointment.

Hell, even compared to some of the intermediate proposals this is a big downgrade.