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If this happens as planned, it might very well be our best and really only example of TOD in our city. And it's not even on an existing LRT line!
wow expensive highly doubt they will be selling especially in this recession
I think that the area is catered to older (40+) wealthy couples. The average price of a house in that area is about $650K+. The size of units in westblock range from ~1060sq ft to ~2473sq ft. Their cost per sq foot is about $500. So it will definitely is a "luxury" condo.
Not surprised, I think in that area it can do well if marketed right.

George has been developing in the city for a long time now, I would hope he knows what he is doing lol.
New kid on the block: West Block aims for luxury high-rise living in Glenora
Luxury condominiums have gone from pipe dream to palpable in recent years, as Edmonton professionals have embraced residential towers and low-maintenance living. Offering a mix of high-end sophistication and cutting-edge amenities in a coveted location, West Block is aiming to position itself as the cream of Edmonton’s condo crop.

“This is one of the more high-end developments in the city,” said Salima Kheraj, West Block’s senior project manager and a principal with InHouse, the infill housing division of developer Beaverbrook. “It contains only 60 units, and each one has a high level of finishing, providing a great luxury option for those who are interested in high-rise living in an attractive and convenient location.”

Full Story (Edmonton Journal)
Edmonton condo development continues despite economic woes
Many players in the housing industry have been impacted by Alberta’s economic slowdown, but Edmonton condominium developers, in particular, have taken it on the chin amid the cutbacks and job losses.

Both new and pre-existing condominium sales are down this year, and prices have dropped along with them. The Realtors Association of Edmonton said that average selling prices for condos fell 4.75 per cent year-over-year in November, dipping to an average of $241,569. As a result of the declining sales figures, Edmonton condo starts are down substantially this year. According to the Fall 2016 Altus Group Housing Forecast, Edmonton saw 3,386 new condo unit starts between January and September 2015. That number has plummeted to 947 during the same period in 2016.

But the flagging figures haven’t impeded developers like Beaverbrook. The company expects to begin construction on its West Block project — which is expected to transform the northeast corner of 142 Street and Stony Plain Road — next spring and will hold a public grand opening for their new West Block presentation centre on Saturday from noon to 4 p.m.


West Block Glenora ‏@wblockglenora 21 hours ago
#THANKYOU to #everyone who came out today to the West Block Presentation Centre Grand Opening #Event #shoutout to all the #staff who helped!


Intelligence House ‏@int_house 22 hours ago
Proud to be a part of the team behind @wblockglenora and the grand opening of the presentation centre! #yeg #yegre
I really like the former design better -- unfortunately, the company that started that concept went bankrupt. This development, however, will bring much needed density to a major Intersection and should really thrive when the LRT comes to town.