Wadhurst Townhomes | 11.75m | ?s

Still out to lunch with their pricing but glad to see these are making progress!

Has there been any work started on the other group?
Are they bullish or were they pot-committed with this one?
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Progress update. Atleast the developer seems to understand their potential buyers. I like the sign.View attachment 498158
Except if you buy, you probably won't have any money left to buy any treats.

I thought the Clove units were expensive in Cloverdale relative to the market, but they weren't insane compared to these.

In the surrounding area, #1 10426 126 ST NW, #2 10426 126 ST NW and 40 SYLVANCROFT LN NW all offer better value in my opinion. The last one in particular, you have no walled neighbours and still pay less.
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A rendeing for comparison sake. Looks like they've decided to change the top floor windows to 2 seperate windows instead of 1, reducing the amount of decorative paneling. White balcony doors instead of black too.
I think from the floorplans and the slight transparency (easier to see on the South building) the wood geometric paneling is on top of the window, so looks like they are sticking with the renders pretty closely. Neat idea to handle windows into a bathroom!
I'm kind of sad to be honest, I really liked that elegant decorative panelling that the second window on the top floor has now replaced. It really broke up the monotony of the design imo.