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The real cost of operating a car is more than gas. It's insurance, depreciation, maintenance, oil changes and so forth. It's more like 30 cents per kilometre, and that's a modest estimate.
Agreed. But when monthly insurance, depreciation/payments, etc are all “sunk” already, it feels easier to just use your car a little more than the very obvious $5-7 round trip cost. So parking is really the only easy direct cost comparison for people to mentally choose between for driving vs transit.

If you make going downtown more expensive and difficult, then you get more of what we have been dealing with over the last few years, a struggling downtown and more companies will just move their offices to suburban areas where parking is cheaper, more available and it is easier to get to.

In the short term it is perhaps easier to treat people like bad children and punish them to get them to do what you want. This will not work and will probably provoke both resentment and serious backlash.

In the long run the real solution is to improve ETS.
Agreed. Not suggesting we SHOULD make traffic worse or parking more or any of that. But realistically, that’s why many use transit in other cities. If Toronto had as little traffic as use, and as many parking spots per person available, way less people would use transit there too.

In some ways it’ll just take time. More development of surface lots, more city growth that worsens traffic, more train lines offering more frequent, enjoyable service.
Yes, it will happen over time as the city continues to grow. Toronto is five times as large as Edmonton, has a concentration financial services and other large corporate offices downtown that we currently do not. A great deal of transit there is designed to be used by commuters and that works well for them.

However, a number of downtown surface parking lots have developed in Edmonton over the last couple decades and I hope more happens. The completion of the Valley Line will make it easier for almost half of the city to get downtown. So we will get there in our own time and way.

Wem station girder erection started last night.
I wonder why they are using regular girders for this station, but the misericordia used the box girders that make up the rest of the elevated guideway?
Our firm acquired a smaller firm in which there is an office on the south side and some of the staff in our downtown tower are basically begging to work out of that south side office instead of trying to absorb the new staff into our downtown tower. So I see that push. Running LRT to every outer corner with free and available park and ride helps downtown's case.
How are the trees and shubbery along the SE route these days? Has anyone seen TransEd out there replacing any dead units?
Believe it all transfers to City responsibility to maintain this year
Even if Stony Plain Road in Glenora is completed along with the Groat Road Bridge, I'm thinking that the construction east of the bridge will hamper traffic.