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I drove down Stony Plaid this afternoon and the Revolution Cycle building near 151 St is still standing. I have no idea when they'll start demolishing.
A new way of preventing this problem and it provides jobs, snipers with tranquilizer darts all along the line and clean up crews to relocate the newly tranquilized individuals to downtown Calgary. 🙃🤪
Well apparently they do have more homeless shelters there and the Alberta government seems reluctant to even things up.

Of course, I am not a fan of the Marlin Perkins approach here, but Smith should be ok with the old Klein approach to dealing with social problems, so free bus tickets to Calgary!
So its 7:40 pm on Sunday evening and I'm on the Valley Line from Davies to Curchill. The train is quieter but there are about a dozen or so passengers and still individuals getting on and off at each station. To me that's not too bad.
I just hope as the weather gets better and better more people will start riding the train.
Here’s some more pictures of the construction near WEM and the Mis. Seems like the last segment next to the Mis just got installed.
Construction is progressing well. I’d say the thing I’m most worried about is the system integration with the SE line.
Have they finalized if TransEd is going to be contracted to be the operator of the SE line also?