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I noticed two things from the excellent research: 1) the large increase in people living around stations in central Edmonton, far outstripping the growth of the city overall and 2) that the city should be automatically up zoning the areas around the stations. That's what the BC government has ordered, with areas within 400m of SkyTrain stations in Vancouver now zoned for minimum 20-storey buildings.
Not that I really want to re-ignite the debate, but is the traffic lane necessary through that stretch of 108 St? I don't get through there very often, so there's probably some factor I'm missing.
I believe it’s for the fire hall that is located along there
I've read that there are plans for a new number 2 hall, as the rigs will be impeded by the tramline.
The smaller units assigned to investigation and other non time sensitive duties would not be impacted...
This station will be busy, not only with Norquest students but also Grant MacEwan students. Wonder if they could name it Norquest-MacEwan and rename MacEwan to MacEwan-Ice District or something.
I think the current MacEwan station is very intentionally not titled anything to do with Rogers Place/Ice District because it was designed/built before Rogers was planned and is completely unsuitable for large crowds.