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Id image if the capital line ever gets those stops by 40th ave (between southgate and century park), and a stop between south campus and southgate, that the travel times would be even more similar. I appreciate that there are more frequent stops on the valley line that are not just in downtown.
Not to be that guy also, but I did check before posting...
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I did choose Central LRT for the Capital Line terminus of this comparison (which does shave off a minute or two) if only because Churchill is closer to the Valley Line as it's more east and therefore I thought this would put it on more equal footing. As the crow flies, Mill Woods to Churchill Connector is 10.3km. Century Park to Central is 9.6km. So slightly shorter. Bringing it to Churchill makes it 9.9km which is closer. Which would mean that Churchill is a fine enough comparison for each line. Churchill to Century Park is still 22 minutes:
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So an extra 500m of distance for the Valley Line amounts to an extra 13 minutes of travel time.

Your comparison isn't fair, you're including ~8 mins of walking time for the valley line but not the capital line. (Hit the details button and you'll see the actual travel time sans walking.) You might be surprised to find it's still what I said, 23 vs 27 mins.
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And of course you should use the same endpoint to compare apples to apples.
It’s only been a month, but I think the 502 can provide connections between West Edmonton Mall and Mill Woods, and other possible combinations served with the LRT. This could serve as part of an inner ring.
Can we have a separate thread for one-on-one arguments that nobody else is interested in? Good Lord.
We need more projects here to keep us occupied haha. Vancouver and Calgary sites are a lot more quite but have way more activity in terms of projects.

Need some more ice district level proposals to keep us from beefing haha

With the pedestrian hit earlier this week, let's look back on what could have been (potential pier cracks notwithstanding)...


Also, remember when the City recommended an underpass for 149 St and it got rejected by the local community? It's ironic that that the exact opposite happened for Yellowhead Trail -- people were begging for one there, only to be told no by the City.

Browsing through all the proposed grade separations brought to Council makes for interesting reading. What could have been indeed....
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I think LRT works well when it’s separated from busy traffic thoroughfares Streets like University Avenue or even Kingsway/111 would have benefited. At least the City was smart to have grade separations at 98 Ave, Argyll, 75 Street, 50 Street, 137 Avenue,, Gretzky Drive 118 Avenue and Belgravia. Other crossings like those around the old Northlands site have been closed.