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"above-ground portion which could include a 12-floor hotel and a 50-storey residential tower." I am slightly confused if this is a 50 Storey tower or if this will be 50 storeys of residential above 12 storeys of hotel (62 Storeys). If this was 62 Storeys, it would be approximately 200m (maybe slightly more).
@MichaelC On the low end, it is 3.1 m or 10 feet per floor for apartment/hotel. If 62 floors as they state , then we'll be looking at approx 190 meters plus. Oh how I wish...
Add on a 111 meter meticulously sculpted Klondike Mike crown, with an observatory floor in the hat, K-day museum/souvenirs, food hall - aka; corn dogs, dollar lemonade, really big mini donuts... then we will have something. ?
Permit Type
Major Development Permit
Permit Class
Class B
Permit Date
Apr 10, 2019
Description of Development
To construct and operate a 175.3 meter high mixed Use building that includes an attached 71.6 meter high Hotel with 168 suites with accessory Restaurants and Bar Uses to the Hotel; Apartment Housing with 371 Dwelling units; Professional, Financial and Office Support Services; General Retail Stores and Non-accessory Parking in a portion of an underground parkade.
10199 - 101 STREET NW
@KyleBlanchett , Hopefully the same difference as to when comparing our skyline of 10 years ago to our skyline of today, right. It's amazing really, how far the urban fabric has stretched... all around for the large part. More amazing to me is this transformation considering economy & politics have sucked.
The next ten year swill look amayzinglier...