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Broke a story today:



All images from Edgar's Urban Design Brief now available in the planning files:

Open house is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, November 21.
If it has to be boxy, let it be shifty too. Better than most proposals for downtown -- at least the rhythm is syncopated and unexpected. I like that the amenities spaces are exaggerated in form and pulled out of the high-rise mass. I also like the townhouse ground space and the retail/hospitality mix. This development doesn't have anything that hasn't been seen before, but it has been thoughtfully composed.
Oh. My. GOD.

This development looks absolutely amazing! Would be a great addition to downtown.
Also, wouldn't this technically be a TOD, as a future LRT stop is practically right beside it?
Proposed rezoning in Downtown
November 14, 2018

Edmontonians are invited to a drop-in engagement session to learn more about the proposed rezoning at 102 Avenue and 106 Street to allow development of two high rise towers.

Date: Wednesday, November 21
Time: 6 – 8 p.m.
Location: First Presbyterian Church (Wallace Room), 10025 105 Street

The meeting will be an opportunity to learn more about the proposal and provide your feedback to the City and applicant. Feedback will be summarized in a report to City Council when the proposed rezoning goes to Public Hearing for a decision.

The proposed rezoning would allow development of two high rise towers (approximately 37 and 33 storeys) with commercial and residential uses at grade and four storeys of above grade parking.​
For more information:

Media contact:
Lisa Sobchyshyn
Communications Advisor
Urban Form and Corporate Strategic Development
Word from the inside is that this is tentatively going to go to Council on June 6, but that Administration will not be supporting the rezoning.

Will have to wait to see their rationale when the planning report is public, but I'm inclined to speak in favour of this one personally.
I will guess that the administration does not like the above grade parking aspect and that they probably view that as a "trick" with respect to its future convertibility. If so, it is a goofy concern in that even if it remains parking forever it is well concealed in very creative ways. The "P" in Planning is pronounced "Puh"! This development is well thought out even if the architecture is not so noteworthy.
Rezoning goes to Council June 6: (Items 3.17 & 3.18)

Notable from the planning report:

City Planning is in NON SUPPORT of this application because it:
● proposes an incompatible use (unwrapped above grade parking) next to:
● two high profile public parks,
● a future LRT Station, and
● existing protected bike lanes;
● represents an inconsistent application of standards/regulations compared to other developments of this density; and
● results in negative design outcomes due to significant density increase.

While it is recognized that the site is well suited to accommodate increased development, the proposed increase in height and density result in problematic design outcomes including deficient transitions to adjacent properties and the public realm. These are not, in themselves, sufficient reason to non-support this application. It is due to the site’s location next to large public investments in quality urban design including:
● a LRT line and stop;
● the 102 Avenue and 106 Street protected bike lanes;
● Alex Decoteau Park; and
● the future Central Park between 106 Street NW and 108 Street NW.
that the proposed above grade non-wrapped vehicular parking, combined with the deficiencies of the proposed building, represent a departure of consistently applied design standards and use regulations that would otherwise facilitate the goals of creating a vibrant well designed Downtown.

It is recognised that the application increases residential density on an underutilized site. In doing so it would support Downtown businesses by introducing additional residents to the neighbourhood and further provides increased housing diversity in the Downtown by including 34 family oriented dwellings.