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Small Update. East Plaza Demo from last week Tuesday (May 7). Probably mostly gone now.


Main plaza work from this morning.

Also, EPCOR Tower pedway connector.
Might actually be a selling feature for people who like their place on the cooler side. Epcor should block the sun during mid-day and you'd just get the sunrise and sunset coming through to your unit.
If you are living here, you may be working nearby in an office tower. If so, you may not care whether you get the mid day sun or not, but if you WFH, it would probably be better cooler.
Yes, can be pleasantly cool in the summer without having to spend a lot on air conditioning.
Summer, try fall and spring. My condo which faces west and is above the tree line can get spicy at temps around 15C and sunny. I made good use of shades to keep the temperature down w/o having to fire up the AC.
Reads to me like they don't plan to move immediately on building the tower up from the podium
that shouldn't surprise anyone except those who think they know more about qualico's plans that qualico. :)

having said that, even when construction of the tower from the podium up does proceed, it's probably not a bad idea to have a proper water barrier until such time as the space above is properly enclosed. the space below will continue to be occupied during tower construction with some pretty high end finishes and amenities that you wouldn't want to place at unnecessary risk.