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What do you think of this project?

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I changed my vote from "I neither like nor dislike it" to "I dislike it a lot". A complete head-fake in terms of renderings. SPAN Architecture just limboed under Mr. Gooch and his motto "Good Enough for Edmonton"
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The CRUs were removed from the plans before construction even began. Sucks but they'd have never survived there anyway IMO. Stadium Manor just down the block has a way better retail frontage along 112th and it's struggled for almost a decade now to even have 3 of 6 CRUs filled.
This one looks like low income housing.
Affordable housing*

I live nearby to this, and I don't love it necessarily. But even if it's bland and boring, it'll be cheap to build so the rents will be affordable, it's walkable to public transit, and it's a big step up from empty lots and Shah Specials it's replacing. I'm very happy to see this development.
That window has been smashed at least since my previous pic in mid October. No sign of replacement yet, but I imagine they were waiting for the final batch of windows to arrive which they look to be installing now.
I think it's such a bummer when you compare it to the cool projects nearby like Stadium Yards and the proposed new towers. It's even more disappointing because the initial designs were decent, nothing too crazy. IMO Removing the balconies makes it look cheap.
Still a lot to go on this. No scaffolding in any of the photos posted. All the red you see is going to be variations of stucco along with the red accents around each panel. The roof of this building is supposed to be an amenity space as well, an expensive addition for a building this size.