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This is great for the area, I know of one other example, Constellation Park in the Houston suburb of Sugarland is the Hub of the community, it's a stadium within a park and hosts a lot of events for the community throughout the year. The ballpark has a relaxed family friendly atmosphere, even has a huge playground with a splashpad for a mid game stretch for the kids. Would love to see something similar around the Edmonton Park.
I believe that in general there should be more developments and programs in the city centre that are family friendly! The more families that can get into the urban lifestyle the better it'll be for our city as a whole, but these family and child-oriented services have to be available and easily accessible in order for that process to start.
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Great news for the region.

Gold Sports Entertainment Group of Companies Announce Partnership with JEN COL Construction to Build Spruce Grove Metro Ballpark

February 12, 2021: Edmonton, Alberta – Gold Sports and Entertainment Group of Companies is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with JEN COL Construction of Acheson, Alberta to build Canada’s latest state of the art ballpark and condo development.

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