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May 14, 2018
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Edmonton, AB
Looks like the Edmonton Prospects will be headed to a new home in Spruce Grove.

“The key to this ballpark in my mind is the concourse which will provide an exciting promenade with access to the seating bowl, sky-suites, party patios, concessions, washrooms and merchandising store. In addition our plans include a micro-brewery/pub with dining lounge and patio’s on both the west and east elevations. The west elevation also features a unique terraced amphitheatre that will feature music before games or on non-game days to simply provide an ability for local artists to engage the community on an on-going basis. An exciting never before element offered in Canada is the inclusion of the Ballpark Lofts/Condo’s which will allow sports minded enthusiasts an opportunity to live and breath sport and baseball culture year round,”

Sounds like a cool little district that they look to build.
@emillsp Welcome to the Forum!

I don't know nearly enough about baseball or the politics behind this league, or the team, or its ownership to comment, but I have a lot of similar questions in the back of my mind.
The Prospects lease at ReMax Field expired and the City chose to go with a group backed by Randy Gregg instead.

This would be a nice addition to Spruce Grove. It's about as far east in the city as you can go so it's only a 10-15 minute drive from the west end, maybe 30-40 from other areas of Edmonton. With the right atmosphere and tenants this could be a real hit. There's plans for more commercial development (grocery etc) across Pioneer from here in the new Easton development so this could be a busy area soon!

I'm sure that minor league baseball (Spruce has the White Sox) will be using the venue too. There aren't many premier facilities like this in Spruce or Stony.

EtoV it will be just north of the NE corner of Highway 16A and Pioneer Road.
Although the architecture isn't great -- but i do like bow-truss roofs -- the planning is superb! I would give the whole place top marks for an inspired overall effort. The place is definitely walkable and I like the combination of all the mixed-use elements, including residential. More roof-top planting mixed with kiosks would be my only suggestions.
Because the Edmonton Planning department is asleep most of the time -- if it is an effort aimed at outside pressure to upgrade Edmonton's main ballpark, it is still a valid effort to show that there are alternatives.

The status of Telus Field has more to do with leasing (how the Prospects lost out to another proponent) than with planning, as it is one of the focal points for the Rossdale redevelopment ('River Crossing').