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Edmonton Nightlife (past and present)


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Aug 8, 2023
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This was started in the Army and Navy building thread but I thought it was an interesting topic so I started a proper thread.

What are your memories of Edmonton's nightlife in the past and where do you go for a night out now? I was born in the 80's and turned 18 in the early 2000's so my prime nightlife years were from about 2002 to 2007. Being from Mill Woods In my late teens/early 20's I spent most weekends (and honestly too many weeknights) at KingsKnight Pub (later JET Nightclub). It was an odd place that mixed live bands and rock music in one room while having a separate room for karaoke and more of a nightclub vibe on weekends. It was dingy, smoky, gross, and yet so much fun. Other places I used to frequent around that time were Funky Buddha, Black Dog, Filthy McNasty's, Union Hall, and the Druid.

These days I don't go out much, but if I do I generally like going to tap rooms like Town Square Brewing or smaller pubs/bars.
My years were kinda 1998-2004-ish although I did go to the last Saturday of The Roost in 2007. I still go out but more to pubs as well.

My haunts were Rebar, Lush, New City Suburbs, Halo, The Roost and Buddy's/Woody's back in the day but beyond that The Hat, Cask & Barrel, Red Star, etc.

I was in Edmonton too late for Flashback though, looking forward to the documentary coming out soon. Evolution is hosting a 50th anniversary of Flashback in April.
When I was a young man I would hit the nightclubs every night, then it was every Saturday night when I was in my 30s. I am now in my 50s and will only go out on an occasional basis.

My nightclub haunts in rough chronological order from the late 80`s to the present:

Denny Andrews American Bar
Barry T's
Boca Beach Club
Senor Frogs
Rum Jungle
Cocktail Club
The Gas Pump
Central Social Hall
On The Rocks
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The Rev
Halo v1.0 and 2.0
Juice WEM
Club Malibu the Morgue, WEM and University
Rum Jungle
Kaos and OZ
The Standard
Cocktail Club
Purple Onion
Squires (when it had a club-like feel on Saturdays)
Backroom Vodka Bar
Suite 69
Billiard Club (when it had a club-like feel on Saturdays)

Inga's Night Out at the Power Plant
Ship Night

Jesus I went out a lot...
Rum Jungle
Black Dog
Union Hall (Loved that place)
Cook County
The Joint

We also went to the strippers a lot as 18-22 year old's. Young, testosterone filled men. Don't fault us! 🤣
I owned a club in South Edmonton in the late 1970s early '80s called the Roman Pub. We had live music in the Cocktail Lounge (totally separated from Dining Room) -- usually a solo act but sometimes a duo or a three-piece. In the Dining room we had, on a platform, a self-serve salad/dessert bar -- the dining room closed at 10:00 p.m. nightly and then a stainless steel cage dropped down over the salad bar area and the whole place turned into a disco (glory days of the BeeGees, Donna Summer, and the Motown Crew -- esp. Michael Jackson) The dance floor was stainless steel as well and the hours were from 10:00 p.m. 'til 3 a.m. (last call at 2:00 a.m.). The place was packed every night that we were open (closed Tuesday and Wednesday).
Other big draws in those days:
Goose Loonies (acres of fun) and Cook County Saloon (git yer cowboy on).
How about Gateway Lanes for those <18 days where they had an actual under 18 nightclub for a year or so.

We used to play NTN, drink underage and pretend like we knew how to dance.
NTN!! We spent hours playing that at the billiard bar that was in the strip mall off 50 st. across from Capilano. Name of the place has slipped my mind.
^my dad used to go there a lot... what the hell was it called?!??! It was an institution.
^ High Run
THE GLOBE! The old house where Mayfair on Jasper now stands. This place and Ezzie's is where my nightlife started at the age of 17 using my brother's ID 🤣 He'd used to come in like half hour after me and I'd hand him his ID through the smoke pit lol good times. Only once it didn't work because the bouncer knew my brother.... still let me in lol.

I remember The Bank going from 25 and up + dress code, to 21 and up, to 18, to pretty sure they closed down from being caught letting in too many minors. It was fun at the start when Mikey Wong was djing there.
What was the name of that nightclub in the SE corner of Jasper Ave and 101 Street that was owned/operated by Peter Pocklington's son?
Are there any good clubs you guys would recommend that are still open nowadays? Like I said in the A&N thread, this knowledge isn't mainstream for people my age and everyone just goes to Beercade or the Buckingham so I need suggestions guys 😆