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Edmonton Infills and Housing Projects

Das Ponto

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May 31, 2016
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Yeah I agree with you Dave, I feel like people in the bigger homes and neighborhoods maybe feel like these are going to bring their value down and attract I don't even know...

God forbid people build infills and bring new money and life into an older area lol. I know the black one sold for around 820k
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@Das Ponto Wow those are nice. Great photos!

Thanks Dave! Few more projects nearly completed to share later. Just finished shooting the exteriors on another one yesterday.
@Das Ponto Do you use Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers? I think Flickr will soon be offering it as a perk for Flickr Pro members. Might make it worthwhile to get the Pro account.

Hey Dave, yeah I have the subscription to CC with lgihtroom and photoshop. Suppose that would save me my subscription fee/signing up for Flickr Pro - Do you know if you can file share through the Pro version??

Undecided if Flickr is my way to go, I am using Drop Box as well to share photos with my clients but not sure the additional space is worth 230/year for that.