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I haven't been inside the building, but it is of similar vintage to the Ashdown Hardware Building (now the Boardwalk) where I worked for one summer while attending UofA. The floors in the Ashdown Building were constructed of solid timber and, if same is true for H&P, then that, too, would be worth saving -- it would make for a noteworthy hotel decor item in a rebuild and it would not be that difficult to retain, store, and work into a rebuild. If you wood let us know @Gronk! -- is your "stuff" stored on a wood floor?
I briefly chatted with the front desk at Affordable Storage. I asked about their plans to relocate and was told it won't happen for a long time.
Yes. In fact I know quite a few active businesses who would have told me the blunt truth. Their honesty (or at least my perception of their honesty) is likely why I continue to support them.
I wish something like this Toronto project would happen with this building (or the old TD building on 100th & Jasper). "GWL Realty Advisors (GWLRA), on behalf of the Great-West Life Canadian Real Estate Investment Fund No. 1, wants to add a 33-storey residential addition on top of a 14-storey office building in downtown Toronto." "Schneiderman said more than a year was spent evaluating the feasibility of the project and determining a solution that upgraded the capacity of the exoskeleton structure, allowing for the additional residential load above."

The costs associated with this would lend itself to markets/areas with very few other options to acquire/assemble land.
The costs associated with this would lend itself to markets/areas with very few other options to acquire/assemble land.
Using that logic, it would also make more sense to build on a new development on one of the several nearby empty lots or with smaller, buildings with no historic feel.

Our City council changes, but seems to make the same mistake again and again, chase flashy development, allow nicer older buildings to be torn down, then enthusiasm for the development cools and we are left with another semi abandoned empty lot and we wonder why areas of downtown are not appealing. This could end up being the legacy of shame for our current councilors, much like how the empty lot years later showed the short shortsightedness of the councilors at the time on the Tegler building.

Maybe this time it will be different, but repeating the same thing time and time again and expecting a better result is not wise.
Limak is as useless as they come in the development game. That is two projects within two blocks of on 104st that the they have struck out on. Many on this thread claimed this developer was full of it...and looks like many were right so smell ya later.

Hopefully we don't have to find out that the new buyer is another developer with plans to tear the building down or make it a temporary parking lot or something useless like that.
^The west and south facades are now municipally protected. Even if it’s rezoned.

In a worst case scenario someone like Westrich will propose to demolish everything for 10 years of parking and rebuilt the facade. Worst case.