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Be so nice to get rid of that building and parking lot fronting Jasper Ave. The donair place and liquor store could move into the retail bays at the Hat instead. And then another residential there.
A nice idea but I suspect they would not like to pay the rents required at the HAT.
I'm not in any hurry to see that crappy little commercial building razed. That's actually a better-than-you'd-expect liquor store, and World's Finest makes some of the best donairs in the area. Often times, it seems that businesses like these can't afford the rents charged (or TIs required) in modern podium CRUs.
This is factually correct :)
Which is why some of that new space sits empty for a long time and then when it is finally filled, the business that takes it goes under later or moves. While some of those older spaces that may not look as nice stay filled for a long time.
Depends on who's operating the business. I know many people who are good at their respective craft, but terrible operators.
I'm excited to see what's gonna go into the CRUs in this building. so cool to have so many options in this 4 block radius with Mercury, OEX and this building now 😁
I just walked by, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm only seeing one large CRU in the building? It looks like a majority of the ground level is dedicated to apartments.