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The one tower I was really hoping WOULDN'T go through....simply because it's the only mainly stucco tower still being planned in DTYEG. Not to mention a prime southern skyline view.
Which tower are you referring to? The taller of the Falcon's?
The long-lost EDC minutes are finally online.

C.3 Falcon Tower One (Development Permit / Formal)
Stephen Boyd - ARC Studio

Motion of Support with Conditions

● The Committee feels that EIFS does not meet the intent of the Direct Control
Regulation (1025.4.6.a); however, this cladding material would be acceptable so
long as the proposed balcony railing / glazing detail shown in the materials
board (Pg 28 of the EDC packae) is implemented in the final, constructed
building. To this end, the Committee recommends that the Development Permit
package includes this critical detail.
● The Committee recommends that the Development Permit package includes an
existing site plan and interim landscape plan (ie. showing Tower 1 and the
transition to the existing public realm to the south).
● The Committee recommends reconsidering the placement of benches in the front
plaza area, in order to provide better access to the plaza and building entrances.
In addition, the public realm design could benefit from better definition of the
spaces within the plaza (amenity areas, building and CRU entries, etc) through
the use of surface materials, furnishings and landscape features.


The pricing on this project is quite attractive at under 400k for 2bdrm units. Appreciate the inclusion of some family-oriented amenities also. My wife and I are decently interested in the project as we plan to buy downtown in the next year or two. Not sure if we trust pre-construction on this one though based on stories from fox towers. Any thoughts on how this project stacks up to others like fox, ultima, the view?