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What do you think of this project?

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The windows are so ... without symmetry ... hodgepodge the way they appear. I imagine rooms will need a custom valance to hide the different height and length of mullions and glass. Definitely not my style and something I would never live or buy into.
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I would bet $50 that a pharmacy moves into one of the spaces within 18 months of completion.

Seriously, sometimes I'm surprised they didn't rename the Eskies the Edmonton Apothecaries....
This area of Jasper needs a good men's clothing store. There is a serious lack of them around in Edmonton in the Helm/Jaisel mould.
Have you checked out LUX? In Beljan's substation.
I like the idea of a men's clothing store, preferably consignment now that the Dressed To Suit shop near 121 Street closed a few years ago.
E-gaming venue sounds good.

My suggestions:
- bowling alley
- cat or dog cafe
- hardware store
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Actually a hardware store would be absolutely mint for the area, especially for all of the condo dwellers who don't need to make a trip out to Home Depot on 111/Groat Road. To that extent, I think an IKEA Planning Studio (like the one in London) would be pretty neat for that same target market as well.

Another entertainment option would be really good as well, I like the e-Gaming or bowling alley idea too.

Basically anything that complements the urban dwellers in the area would be a good start. The place should be walkable and people should want to go street-level to get what they need. I hope the retail bays are given some thought of what kind of neighborhood they want to create. No more cannabis, hair studios, or pharmacies please.