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Edmonton City Centre Mall (Renovations) | ?m | 2s | LaSalle Investment Management


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Edmonton City Centre to serve up new food court, other upgrades

Edmonton City Centre plans to elevate the dining experience at its two basement food courts.

The downtown mall says it will relocate and “significantly upgrade” its fast-food dining areas as part of a $41.3-million redevelopment to revitalize the retail complex.

“Downtown Edmonton is changing and so is Edmonton City Centre,” said Olympia Trencevski, general manager of Oxford Properties Group’s downtown Edmonton portfolio, in a release.

“Over 23,000 new residents are expected to be living downtown by 2019, and thousands of new office workers will occupy the new commercial office buildings currently under construction. With so much development happening all around us, we are getting ready to serve this significant new population of retail shoppers with the retail experiences that they want and expect.”

Full Story (Edmonton Journal)


(Source: @tedgbauer)

A source has informed me that the basement levels are to be converted into parking.
More details emerge:

Edmonton's City Centre mall to consolidate on three levels, add 300 parking stalls

Edmonton City Centre’s $41.3-million upgrade will see the mall consolidated on three levels from four, as the entire bottom level will be converted into parking and the top floor on the east side will become a 500-seat food court with space for 11 vendors.

There are currently 20 vendors and 700 seats split between the two food courts. The renovation, which begins with food court construction Nov. 26, will add 300 parking stalls to the mall’s inventory of 2,600 in four parkades.

“We want to encourage people to go up,” said Olympia Trancevski, general manager of the Edmonton downtown portfolio for mall owner Oxford Properties. “Four levels is too much. It creates pockets of vacancies and they don’t do anything for us. A fully leased shopping centre on three levels, we all win.”

Full Story (Edmonton Journal)
April Luncheon: Edmonton City Centre Redevelopment Showcase
NAIOP Edmonton
Tuesday, 25 April 2017 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (MDT)
Edmonton, AB

Olympia Trencevski (General Manager, Edmonton Downtown Portfolio, Oxford Properties Group) and Lindsay Whyte (Retail Property Manager, Oxford Properties Group)

Come to hear about Edmonton City Centre's dramatic redevelopment. From how the decisions for redevelopment were made, to the research that led to the ultimate design. Oxford will give attendees an inside look into the planning, execution, and results, of this $41.3-million renovation.
Now that I have been properly schooled as to ownership (thanks @Daveography) I think Oxford should look at those two above-ground parkades at the north end of their property with an eye to redevelopment.
City Centre officials want to give mall 'sexy feel' after successful food court move
After successfully moving both its food courts out of the basement last year, the Edmonton City Centre mall now wants to ramp up the facility’s outside sex appeal.

A major Shoppers Drug Mart offering groceries is scheduled to open next March at the corner of 101 Street and stretching along 102A Avenue, Olympia Trencevski, general manager of the Edmonton downtown portfolio for Oxford Properties, said Tuesday.

She’s also planning changes to the mall’s west side and at the corner of 100 Street and 102 Avenue, although she wouldn’t provide details.

“The whole idea of the next few years is getting our exterior aligned with the interior,” she told the Edmonton chapter of NAIOP, the commercial real estate development association.

“The exterior needs that sexy feel, that appealing feel.”

Trencevski is looking at upgrading the strip between the 102 Avenue entrance near the Hudson’s Bay store and the north exit, a route she expects many people will take to reach Rogers Place once the new LRT line opens in 2020.

“My terms right now are make it ‘Wow’ and delightful … It’s got to speak to you better. It’s got to be more attractive, it’s got to have more vitality, it’s got to have better uses — food uses, more restaurants, more, maybe, boutiques.”
Learned today that the ATB branch on the corner of 102 Ave and 101 St. will be moving to a second floor location in the mall in November. This lends credence to an earlier rumour I heard that H&M was looking to lease that corner, IIRC on both the main and second floors.
Getting ready for the new Shoppers where The Artworks used to be:

PERMIT_DATE April 19, 2017
PERMIT_NUMBER 234866621-003
JOB_CATEGORY Commercial Final
JOB_DESCRIPTION To construct a covered hoarding for Edmonton City Centre for future Shopper's Drug Mart along 101 Street and 102 Ave. Hoarding permit EXPIRES JULY 24, 2017
BUILDING_TYPE Hoarding (910)
WORK_TYPE (03) Exterior Alterations

PERMIT_DATE April 20, 2017
PERMIT_NUMBER 234866621-002
JOB_CATEGORY Commercial Final
JOB_DESCRIPTION To construct exterior alterations (facade improvement) to an existing mall - Edmonton City Centre for future Shopper's Drug Mart. Tenant improvement work not included in this permit.