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Battalion Square - Griesbach | 6s | Beljan


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Jul 4, 2019
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Beljan proposal to repurpose and add to the former police training structure in Griesbach:





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In this case, they're building a strip mall where none exists. I love the concept. Sobey's has a restrictive covenant on the land in the SE corner of the Village where they were supposed to build a store, leaving behind an entire commercial district that can't have a bakery, butcher, or similar food store. Personally, if anyone can convince a restopub to finally take up shop in the area to sell me a craft beer and a burger, it's Beljan. We need this badly.
Something similar to Richie Market would be nice but they may not have the Demographics to be as successful.
Griesbach should utilize this well. A significant number of people in the community moved in with the expectation the village would have this type of amenity, and then Sobey's screwed it over. Some have left because it hasn't materialized. North side is in dire need of this type of concept.

Anecdotal, but I know a lot of people in the area who regularly make trips to Mercato in St. Albert and the 124 St district for this kind of stuff.
^For this to be successful your market needs to extend beyond Griesbach. I think this is a smart way to add some density to a site that will compliment the repositioning of an existing building (Beljan specialty). I think this has the potential to be a cool 'neighbourhood-oriented' commercial hub like Oliver Exchange, Ritchie Market, etc. It's not a small building around 30,000sf of space.
That's the hope. While I agree the north side is definitely lacking these types of cool independent spots, it'll be interesting to see what type of tenants this development attracts. I think it'll become a real cool spot.
I was hanging out in Griesbach a couple days ago and really wish more of our suburbs were held to a higher standard similar to this area. Griesbach has become a quiet success story, especially in an area of the city that's mostly "forgotten" in a lot of ways. I'm loving this new proposal and think it'll be a big hit.