Abbey Park Residences | 22.86m | 6s | Abbey Lane Homes

What do you think of this project?

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Sorry, @Daveography, you know how I feel about the Planning process and its (un)necessary disruption of development proposals -- typically lacking sufficient foundation -- "pedantic" and "overbearing" are two words that pop into my mind.
Not really sure what to expect from Abbey Lane. On the one hand, they are responsible for my favourite tower in the city - One River Park.

On the other hand, they also are responsible for the Venetian, one of my...less favourite buildings.

Hopefully this one goes through and is closer to One River Park (obviously not in terms of actual size) rather than the Venetian
Noticed some fencing has been erected and a construction office moved on site. This is recent as none of this was there 2 days ago

for the life of me I cannot understand the stance that the Oliver Community League took on this piece of land. The League was upset that the developer's plan for a high rise on this land would shadow the community gardens known as the peace park directly to the north. The developer (for those not in the know), offered a direct swap of this parcel of land for an equal sized parcel of the existing Oliver park (103ave and 118st) on the north edge abutting 104 ave. The OCL could have had this parcel to expand the community garden and anchor their replacement community hall. There would have been no net loss/gain of park land. and the high rise would have made much more sense located on 104 ave. An obstinate and bull headed decision on the part of OCL, but several board members decided this would be their cause célèbre, (without any meaningful engagement or consultation with the Oliver residents).
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