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What do you think of this project?

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Looks like the developer is pushing ahead despite community non-support after all. Goes to Council April 29: (Items 5.3, 5.4, 5.5)

Administration is supporting the application. This will be an interesting hearing to watch.


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@MichaelC, agree fully. I always thought the tower portion was a little meh, and that the connection between the towers would make it look like a wall from the street, a "land scraper" of sorts. I'm appreciating design more, various setbacks and inset balconies (partially?) are good. Town house podium & a little retail fronting 104th is great Would like to see artistic renders, but material choices should be good.
Apparently people in the area are not a fan of the proposal.
I talked to 2 people who lives in the area and one said they hate the idea and the other said they love it.
The park is quite outdated and full of burn marks and graffiti. The neighborhood in my opinion should take the money and build a new updated park.
Rezoning did not pass.


This was a tough one that a lot of Councillors struggled with for a variety of reasons. Having listened in for a good part of it, I was definitely swayed and have to agree with their reasons and the decision. Keeping Oliver Park as a continuous block of parkland and services is better for the community for the long-long-term.
I am disappointed for sure. I trust your opinion on this though Dave, I'll have t go walk around Oliver Park and chill. Right now though, I wouldn't mind if the developer eventual plops a 13 story land-scraper blocking the sun from the original site South of the community garden (I don't really).
One of the more complicated elements that came out of it was that this hearing was for a rezoning, and the land swap would be a separate hearing. So if it were approved, the city would own a piece of upzoned DC2 land and would be looking to sell to a single bidder without opening it up to competition. That entered some legal grey area for sure.

The other part was that there is so much upzoned land still vacant in the area, with more proposals coming. We don't have a dearth of places to put tall buildings, what we lack is the demand to fill it. Rezoning and swapping this land was just too problematic to consider given the lack of any other constraints that would make it viable or attractive.
This is now proposed to be an RA8 upzone on the original piece of land at the former St. John's School site.
The proposed Medium-Rise Apartment Zone (RA8) would allow for a 23-metre high (approximately 6-storey) residential building with limited commercial opportunities, such as Child Care Services, General Retail Stores and Specialty Food Services, at ground level.