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Don Iveson hopes shuffling the deck at City Hall will pay off big


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
It seemed a strange artifact of the past.

For years at City Hall, the road engineers would address one group of four councillors every other Wednesday.

Building and real estate directors would show up Tuesdays, addressing a separate rotating set of city councillors. And if a park or boulevard was on the agenda, that went Mondays to yet another group of four city councillors.

That’s finally changing.

“Now we have all those people answering questions consistently in front of the urban planning committee,” said Mayor Don Iveson. “That’s how you do good urban planning.”

Full Story (Edmonton Journal)
Edmonton is making the same mistake with Planning that other cities have made and will have to reduce the size at some later date (proven out in other cases). Although I'm sure it won't happen, now would be the perfect time to reduce the size and focus its mission on zoning and project approvals.
Yea, it's a little concerning that the departments are now larger and fewer, but I think overall the consolidation makes sense and will help prevent a lot of SNAFUs like we've had, while helping to keep the departments in line with council's visions. If times get too lean, though, I can see some of them getting trimmed.