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David Staples: Get used to praise, not putdowns, about our suddenly hip city


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Edmonton is suddenly getting praised as a hip city, a star city, a city on the move.

You OK with the piling on of praise, modest Edmontonians? Brace yourselves.

After decades of outsiders mocking, belittling and blasting away at Edmonton, publications from New York to Calgary are praising the city, its restaurants, its physical beauty and its supposed cool.

Even Edmonton pizza is getting a push.

In the Readers Choice Awards of Conde Nast Traveller, Edmonton’s pizza was voted the eighth best in the entire world, ahead of the pizza in Milan, Florence and Palermo, Italy.

Then there’s CBC Calgary’s Richard White, who in his comparison of Edmonton and Calgary’s architecture noted that Edmonton used to be Deadmonton but now the tides have turned: “Edmonton’s City Centre is once again thriving with 35 active development projects worth over $5 billion. The opening of the iconic Rogers Place and the creation of the new Ice District with its new hotels, condos, office buildings and casino has rocketed Edmonton to ‘star city’ status … What is perhaps even more shocking is Edmonton will soon have a taller building than Calgary *gasp*.”

Then there’s a recent article from The Loop website by writer Heather Cleland with the headline and intro: “26 reasons why Edmonton might be the next great Canadian city. Forget Toronto and Vancouver; these days, Edmonton is where it’s at.”

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