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Creative Projects/Short Stories About Edmonton


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Nov 25, 2017
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I've stopped counting the days since it happened, there really isn't a reason why I should count. It won't change what happened or how many people are gone. It's a chilly morning and the snow's blowing and covering everything in an invisible blizzard, but the sun shone clear and quite nicely, and I feel like I'm on top of a mountain. I think their "device" is sucking up the water vapor and warm air around here towards itself, but I can't be sure because If I went anywhere near those... things... and the megastructure they made... I- I've seen what'll happens to humans who try, and I wish I could remove it from my brain. Anyway, I've shacked up in this large house just out from the core for tonight, and tomorrow I'm going to try my best to keep moving out to the edge of the city. I've set up the fireplace in what I think was this family's living room, can't be sure after the ground tremors and the thieves swept through the area, taking mostly everything but some family photos. If the pieces of furniture don't last overnight I might have to start burning those too...

Here's some other photos I took today outside the house. Don;t know how much longer my camera's portable battery will last but, gotta cherish these nice moments, right?




what was-? -------------------- NONONO THE SEAKERS BROKE IN THROUGH THE BASEMENT PLESE _HELP?_BEACON 1-6-7-3 REQUEST----FIND THIS TERMINAL--- GET AWAY AHGH--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


>shut_down_sequence initiated
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Made this thread as a place to share creative projects like stories, art, and other works related to Edmonton. Can either be other's work (credited) or your own. The story you read above was something small I wrote this morning base of pics I took snow shoveling. I might expand it, who knows 🙃
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