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Coping with COVID-19


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
With everyone hunkered down during this crisis, what are you doing to keep busy and socially connected?

For me:
  • Still searching for full-time employment
  • Working on some coding projects (including some that help me do my SRC work)
  • Starting up a home-studio photography project or two
  • Doing some writing and possibly starting a new blog
  • Keeping connected with my various circles via Slack, Hangouts, SMS, and of course SkyriseEdmonton
  • Taking daily walks or bike rides
  • Replying Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from the beginning (and still finding new things I hadn't seen the first time I played it)
  • Spending quality time with the wife and our menagerie of critters
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  • Trying to stay employment
  • May start painting the bathroom , then the family room then the kitchen......
  • Starting photography project or take the 600mm lens out and give it a real workout.
  • Doing some writing as well. But I am on an international standards committee so I can actually do something.
  • Taking daily walks or bike rides with the dog.
  • Catch up on all the TV shows I have not watched, Madmen. breaking bad....
  • Spending quality time with the wife.
  • we are normally hermits so not much really changed.
I know it's completely illogical, but being outside on my bike today was really anxiety-inducing. I know logically as long as I'm practicing safe physical separation from others, avoiding touching anything, and wash my hands when I get home, the risk is extraordinarily low. But still, every time I had to pass another person it was nerve-wracking.

That said, I'm still glad I got out and got some fresh air and physical activity in.
Like with Airboy I'm already a hermit so not too much has changed, but I can say being home from the University for six days in a row has already ruined my sleep schedule. Outside of that, I've mostly been spending my days listening to online lectures and working on projects that are still due. The boredom did get to me though and I did end up spending a day wasting time building this model of an old Edmonton streetcar:

@_Citizen_Dane_ I wish we could gain some impetus for expanding the real system -- your model effort is tremendous and commendable to the max. First and foremost I would like to see it expanded in Ole Strath, including southward on the CPR lands but also with a cross loop that connects Bonnie Doon and the U. of A. along Whyte Avenue. When the City saw the validity of this built-in-place they would then be wide open to connecting it with the Civic Centre area downtown -- in my mind this is even a better idea than the Prairie Sky effort. I know that it is a lot to ask but if you could build 12 more to match that could then be gifted to City Council and the Mayor, maybe the idea would set roots there.
  • Replying Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from the beginning (and still finding new things I hadn't seen the first time I played it)
Was veeeery close to replaying this again (for the 3rd time), but we decided to start Links Awakening as I've never actually played that one. I'm having a great time playing some games on the couch with my son.

Started watching Jack Ryan and it is excellent. Not sure what took me so long.

On the work front, our offices closed officially last Wednesday so I've been working from home since then. I'm thankful I am still able to work, but man oh man trying to make a phone call with 3 kids running around can be... challenging!
Very stressful times right now. With the possibility that Alberta might shut down non essential services soon we have been in contact with Alberta government to make sure we are classified as a essential business due to our work with healthcare, transit and financial institutions. We are lucky that we have banked quite a lot of work in January that will last us to summer but its harder to bring in more work.
Not sure if there are any/many software development types lurking this Forum, but I've finally got one of my bigger COVID-19-coping-and-time-filling projects ready for public consumption.

Basically it's an open-source library for quickly and easily querying Socrata Open Data systems like within an Angular application.

I have a second project (also open source) that I put together as an example, which I've been using to watch for interesting development and building permits in Edmonton, including more copy-paste friendly details as well as a map that shows the land parcel boundaries.

Thanks to my friend at the CoE for suggesting how to correlate the disparate datasets; said friend has informed me that a rezoning applications dataset is coming soon, which I will of course incorporate.

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Maybe it's just time for me to create a dedicated Lego thread, but since I've posted a few other creations on here, I may as well leave this one too (which'll probably be of interest to @cliffapotamus given our talk in the ERRS thread):

Here we go in AB - 3 weeks:

-Social gatherings - no indoor permitted, outdoor is 10
-Attendance wedding/funeral 10
-Peace Officers will deliver fines
-Places of worship - 1/3 of fire code with masking
-Effective Friday - temp closing in-person services - venues, conference centres
-All level of sport - exemptions possible
-Retail remain open, 25% of occupancy
-In-Person pubs, rest CAN continue - 1 household
-Appointment only - hair, wellness, hotels
City of Edmonton responds to new provincial COVID-19 measures​

November 24, 2020

The City of Edmonton appreciates the new measures announced by the province today. The situation we face with COVID-19 is serious. The virus is spreading faster in Edmonton and more widely than at any other point in the pandemic.

“I’ve long stressed that a regional approach is key to helping slow the spread of COVID-19 which is why I’m relieved to see the province announce these new measures today that I hope will help flatten the curve across our region,” said Mayor Don Iveson. “I empathize with Edmontonians who will, because of these additional restrictions, be required to make even more adjustments at a time when everyone’s lives have already been significantly disrupted. This will be difficult, but it is critical that we do our part to keep our families and communities safe. I thank Edmontonians in advance for adhering to these new public health measures — your efforts will make a significant difference in helping to stop the spread.”

The City is evaluating the Province’s new restrictions to determine exactly how they will affect our programs and services. The City will follow all of the Province’s new measures to ensure we do everything we can to protect Edmontonians from COVID-19.

Wash your hands, wear a face covering or mask, do not attend or hold gatherings and keep as physically distant as possible from those outside your household.​

For more information:
Please check for more information on the new restrictions.

Updated information on City programs and services will be available as soon as possible.

Media contact:
Kris Berezanski
Senior Communications Advisor
Communications and Engagement