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CN Tower Rezoning / Repurposing


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Sep 22, 2015
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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Council will be discussing rezoning the CN Tower on June 13:

Bylaw 17641 proposes to rezone the subject site from (AJ) Alternative Jursidiction Zone to (CCA) Core Commercial Arts Zone. The proposed rezoning will provide the opportunity for the existing CN Tower office building to add additional use classes which are available within the CCA Zone.

The current AJ Zoning, was a requirement whenever lands operated under the jurisdiction of federal legislation, provincial legislation or the Constitution Act. In this particular case, the CN Tower was owned by CN Railways which was a Crown Corporation until 1995. Since then, the tower has been sold to private interests and is no longer under superior legislation. The current owner is now looking to bring the zoning into line with standard zoning utilized in the area with the intent of re-purposing the building to potentially include retail, entertainment and residential uses.

Interesting to note:

The Heritage Officer notes that the CN Tower is on the Inventory of Historic Resources and would qualify for designation as a Municipal Historic Resource. The owner has been made aware of this.

Will be weird to think of the old girl as a residential building, but my main hope is that they don't alter the exterior too substantially, and that they don't touch the awesome CN sign on the crown.



CN Tower
by Dave Sutherland, on Flickr
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that concept looks great, shame it wasn't built like that.

The CN tower definitely needs some work, I know a few years back they had issues of a wind storm knocking glass panels out...

Some how as a landscape company (back then) we ended up going to clean it all up. Guess we did have bobcats with the brooms etc and power brooms. Man alive so much glass every where.
Heard an interesting rumour that AHS was considering consolidating into CN Tower. Seems like an odd move given they only relatively recently moved into their current home in 7th Street Plaza, which was heavily renovated. Meanwhile, CN would need some major rework to bring it up to speed. Not sure the veracity of the claim.
I disagree. CN tower would be a fantastic specimen for makeover to a mixed residential live-work complex -- it is the perfect building to lead the way.
Bredin College moving from Harley Court (which is being converted to residential) to CN Tower:

Reference ID: Job No 267527933-001
Description: To change the Use from Professional, Financial and Office Support Services to Commercial School (Bredin College) and construct interior alterations.
Location: 10004 - 104 AVENUE NW
Plan 9524494 Lot 2
10004 - 104 AVENUE NW
Plan 9525104 Lot 4
Status: To Be Assigned
Create Date: 11/20/2017 10:39:25 AM
Neighbourhood: DOWNTOWN
When Abugov and Sunderland designed the CN tower (Edmonton) they envisioned that the curved facades would play a shadow game as the sun crossed the sky. As taller buildings are encircling Edmonton's true first high-rise, I believe the shadow play will intensify. The parking podium and one-time train station base in my opinion never served the building well; neither did the mechanical penthouse. It will probably be very difficult to repurpose the podium in any significant way but it would be great to see the two less-than-refined elements of the building act as a counterpoint to the sweeping lines of the tower. This is an interesting one to watch.
Permit Class Class A
Permit Date Nov 16, 2018
Status Approved
Description of Development To construct exterior alterations to an existing Professional, Financial and Office Support Services building (facade improvement to the podium and repair damaged soffit). (CN Tower)
Address 10004 - 104 AVENUE NW
Legal Description Plan 9524494 Lot 2
Neighbourhood DOWNTOWN
Neighbourhood Classification Central Core
Ward Ward 6
Zoning CCA