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Car-Free Streets

I like the approach of only doing so on weekends and for events first, see how it goes and then determine next steps.

It's already been closed to vehicles for summer and winter events for years, which mostly happen on weekends along with the fringe which includes weekdays.

It's pedestrian only an average of 30 days in the year already - I think that's enough data to make a good decision versus moving to 60 days a year which is what you're essentially proposing.

And that decision should be make it pedestrian only as the pilot.

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Given the traffic volume on 102 Ave can't be any more than 1,000 vehicles per day just based on my observations, the number of some of the infractions is staggering.

The vehicle traffic there is pretty minimal as far as streets go.
Yeah. Knowing these numbers as % would be interesting too.

How whoever designed this gets to just keep working is beyond me. 105th ave was their next project I’m assuming??
I think it takes time for people to accept the changes. However, it’s alarming to see cars travel n the LRT right-of-way.
I encourage you to go stand at 102/102 and look east and then west.

The complete lack of care of that roadway is significant. The amount of dirt, grime, garbage was significant and made worse by yesterday's windstorm.