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Car-Free Streets

I drove down 102 Ave from 109 St to 97 St this afternoon. It was a pleasant ride for the most part, although some pedestrians still haven't heeded the traffic signals as of yet. The speed limit from 103 St EB is 30 km/hr which is perfectly fine with me. Will have to see what happens once more cyclists and pedestrians are using the bike lane and sidewalk, not to mention the LRT (assuming it will open sometime this decade).
Well lets hope I don't see anymore cars on the bike lane. Mind you I have seen some on the tracks.
Why is it that this seems 100% commonsense to include and yet is being done after the fact? Make it clear for all users.
Literally saw 3 cars drive down the bike lane in the time it took to walk across the crosswalk in 100st the other day… badly needed!

This is why using green or red or a clear, consistent way to signal bike lanes is best imo. Our mashup of sidewalk-looking SUPs, asphalt MUPs, bike lanes with dividers, raised bike lanes against sidewalks, and some bike symbols or yellow middle lines for bilateral lanes sure makes it confusing for new bikers or drivers.
Just back from Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin. Some images captured for inspiration, a better understanding and the reality of it all.