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Canada and Monarchy

This is related to the monarchy and the English relationship with it. Be sure to watch to the end
I can't wait to see a zillion articles polluting the news websites talking about the children of the royal family's first zit.

A royal pimple! OMG!!!!

A lot of this applies to Canada too.

In short summary, there is value in not changing the constitutional foundation of a country too quickly. Let things play out over time rather than be hasty and get rid of the King.
Remember the concept of "Canada" was founded by the United Empire Loyalists, some being expats from the U.S. when the American Revolution ousted the conservative element therefrom. Canada has always been a friendly Commonwealth country as has Australia and New Zealand. The Commonwealth, even with its uneven history, today is a unifying element in a world that is loaded with chaos.
I know this thread is old and kinda dead, but I thought I'd share. I think I have an unpopular opinion on this among people my age but I don't think Canada should ever leave the Commonwealth. As @archited pointed out the British Monarchy is a part of the Canadian National Identity and distinguishes us from the USA. Second of all I hope some day to form the CANZUK Union, something along the lines of the EU between Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Increasing trade and cooperation, will help Canada's bargaining position on the world stage. Also Canada will naturally become the centre of the movement of trade throughout this Union. Also increased opportunities to work and cross between the countries freely.