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Besides Spouse & Kids and other Human-like Creatures, what pets make up your Family?


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Dec 21, 2015
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You can more or less judge the nature of humans by the company they keep. For those who are willing, it might be interesting to know what pets form part of your domestic household. We have a 5-year-old Australian Cobber Dog named "Rutland's Governor Grrizzwald of Corn-on-the-Cobberdog (Grrizzy for short)" who loves to accompany Opera Divas in full form with a range that goes from basso to soprano (with ease I might add). We have a Brown-naped Cape Parrot (South African) that has a human word vocabulary that exceeds that of Donald Trump and probably also Danielle Smith... her favorite words are those that torture the dog (like "get in your crate" or "want to go potty" or "no barking".
In other avian friends we have a canary that we raised from hatchling (now an amazing 12 years old), a parrotlet that we also raised from hatchling (I say "we" but it all falls down to my lovely wife of 30 years -- Laura -- who has the patience and tenacity to deal with hand feeding 30 some parrotlets in four different clutches, all but one gone to other homes), a Lady Gouldian Finch (male) who was accompanied by a female who died of egg stress not so long ago. We also have two adult Vietnamese Mossy Frogs who produce eggs at a rate of 2 to 4 at a time. We now have 4 Mossy Frog offspring from that process and they are the tiniest, cutest creatures ever!
I/we have 2 female chiweenies that are smaller than a big cat. Both are part chihuahua. The smallest one has a little dachshund in her. The other has some Italian greyhound in her - so said 2 different vets. We got them as rescues during Covid as all the dog shelters here (Mexico) were maxed out with people dumping dogs and friends that were volunteering in several rescues and fund raising nudged us. We agreed to foster them. The one pup named Chanti was to be put down due to her near death condition - no hair, torn and bit up by roaming street dogs. She was starved, mostly bones and they did not think she could be saved. But a nice guy took we know her and cared for her and survived and then she came to us. Chanti is a name the ladies in the shelter gave her and is glued to me at all times and now me to her. The other pup is named Chika (with a K) also named (and spelled) by a shelter and again they asked not to change the name as many people return dogs and they don't want the dog confused. Chika was in good shape, free spirited, calm and is amazing. We have fallen in love with these 2 sweet pups. These dogs are now familia and we tell them with our hearts that: mi casa es tu casa.
We have two cats adopted when they were 4 months old. Cicely is with Belle, our rescue dog who LOVES to run with me. Second picture is Clink with Tonka, our old man of the house at 15+ years old. And lastly Leo, our leopard gecko. The joys of kids to get them all.