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Beaverhills House Park & Michael Phair Park Refresh


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Apr 9, 2021
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RFP process to select a consultant for the upcoming Beaverhills House Park and Michael Phair Park renewal closed in December, 02 Planning of Calgary has been selected as the consultant. $3.5m from the CRL has been allocated to the 'refresh' (this is not a full renewal and general purpose of the park will not change). Design consultation will be forthcoming.
Chris Buyze
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Designer | Owner of Battle Lake Design Group | Downtown Edmonton community organizer
2m • 2 minutes ago

Something I've been working on with the amazing folks at hcma
and Michael Phair for a while. While just concepts for now, hope you like it!

Downtown Edmonton Community League is pleased to release ideas for an upgraded Michael Phair Park on 104 Street Downtown. These preliminary concepts were developed in conversation with HCMA Architects and former City Councillor Michael Phair to look at opportunities to enhance his namesake park.

Modeled after Michael Phair’s Alley of Light, the ‘Phase 2’ concepts are meant to spark discussion and interest in this important urban park space used by so many area residents, office workers, and visitors alike. By making strategic upgrades with lighting, colour, and programming, we can create a safe and inviting space that draws the community in. As the City commits to refreshing the park area in 2023, our hope is that the concepts will spark interest, build excitement, and inspire the community to
get involved.

Huge thanks to HCMA Architects for working with Michael Phair and DECL to imagine what this park could be. Stay tuned for consultation and feedback opportunities, but for now feel free to send your thoughts, comments and questions to!




Maybe I'm missing something but it looks essentially the same as it does now, with some patio lights strung up...
It's much the same, but it's also just a refresh not a re-design.

This plan adds in a stage which isn't there now, some colour, lighting, some new seating and just general fix-up. Probably low cost. I'd say that's a prudent way to address a refresh for what is admittedly a small pocket park (though in a prominent location).
I know the park has been there for a long time so I am kind of 'joking' about it. But I am also serious, because if the building next to it has a blank wall then you would expect something to get built beside it.