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Alberta Politics

This is what happens when the UCP gets desperate and their other attacks don't work, they start calling their opponents communists. Not the first time they've done it.

Sadly the message seems to believed by at least some of their supporters, but some will believe anything they say.
Well that's an interesting take again by Staples. He was generally supportive of Kenney (from Calgary) and Smith (Calgary-ish), but somehow with Nenshi this is now a problem.

I don't think the lack of consistency helps his argument. Of course, according to him also all the city's problems are mayor and council's fault, again ignoring that most social services and supports are really provincial responsibilities.

I realize the newspaper (or what is left of it that claims to be a newspaper) has opinion and fact sections, but perhaps they need to add a new one for Staples called fantasy.
What a dim view of this city. Also, putting a poll you did on your own story when you're clearly partisan, is only going to attract the type of voters who believe what he does. I would say that, while some things have gotten bad in Edmonton, a lot of other things are getting much better.

He spends half this article whining about federal overreach, without once mentioning UCP overreach into Municipal affairs, such as striking down the River Valley National Park, going around and clearing house in municipal councils, etc. If you're going to have a problem with higher levels of government reaching into the affairs of lower levels, at least be consistent.

"LRT was supposed to be a saviour but our last two major projects have been plagued with cost overruns and gargantuan delays", this is literally standard for any large infrastructure project in North America.

"Ten years ago we shut down the City Centre Airport to build the utopia of a brilliant green neighbourhood. But the vacant land speaks to a city leadership of big dreams but little ability to accomplish big things." expects a neighborhood the size of downtown to spring up overnight.

"the failed, progressive left experiments in crime and drug policy, and about the alarming interference of the Trudeau Liberals that keeps our economy from roaring as it might.", Edmonton has taken an increasingly militaristic, non-progressive approach to issues like homelessness, most likely because the province refuses to play ball on providing the necessary services. Also, another example of him whining about federal overreach without giving any examples of it, nor mentioning the many examples of the UCP getting their grubby mitts on municipal affairs.

“He put the darkest spin on those in Calgary who protested against COVID restrictions when he was mayor, labelling them as “thinly veiled white nationalist supremacist anti-government protests.”” this is literally what they were, Nazi flags were flown. If you're on the same side as people flying Nazi flags, you're on the wrong side of history.

David Staples is a tool and nothing he writes is worth reading, even his hockey takes are bad.
They're not likely to do that.

Now if you asked when the province will create its own militia and give card-carrying members the right to bear arms in public...:(
I love this city (and this province) but if they ever start allowing people to carry firearms, that's the day I'm moving my ass out of here.
They already do by not enforcing federal gun laws.
You still won't see boatloads of people carrying, and there's still a fairly large degree of federal control, in terms of enforcement, considering that most of the province (territory wise) is policed by the RCMP.