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Alberta Politics

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BC Roads aren't any better....ever been to Dawson Creek, Ft St.John, Prince George etc? All dumps with 3rd world road surfaces. I get it, but frankly I think our roads have never looked better. Life long resident - 50 years +.

For some reason this time of year the roads look worse than what they are cause they are filthy......
IMO the roads here are substantially better than they were in the pre-2010. Maybe even pre-2015. They still are far from great but I do have to commend the CoE for really prioritizing pothole patching and resurfacing a lot of bunk roads the past bunch of years because lord it used to be much worse. Lots of room for improvement still though without a doubt but I get the feeling that the marginal returns are diminishing for every additional dollar spent.

And without a freaking doubt climate plays into it. Calgary’s roads aren’t any better than Edmonton’s. Meanwhile I’m not even sure I’ve really seen a pot hole (that wasn’t just thin pavement section crumbling apart) in Phoenix. Go figure
Looking at other projects, the UCP announced a highway project in the Lesser Slave Lake constituency, another close election battle riding.
Danielle Smith praises Ron DeSantis (and Kristi Noem) and says she wants to govern in their style. Does that include the abortion bans? The bullying of critics with the long arm of the state? The book bans? The weird anti-lgbt obsessions?
Puts her foot in her mouth for the umpteenth time..........I don't have enough hate for this "thing" right now........please please Albertans vote her out!!!
Zero media coverage of NDP downtown Edmonton plan from local TV and print said MLA David Shepherd.
The Journal is pretty useless these days. The only credible political commenters the chain has anymore (except for the one UCP cheerleader here) are in Calgary, so as usual Edmonton issues get little attention, sadly even in the local media here.