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A collection of historic LRT documents/articles


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Dec 5, 2020
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Edmonton, Alberta
Here are some interesting administration reports about ETS Blue. The first is an overview of the pilot from 2007, before it commenced. The second is a summary of the results which was published in 2009. This comment and this comment on the Canadian Public Transit Discussion Board forum are interesting responses that are worth a read as well. I have "LRT" in the title since this was an LRT-only pilot.

Just for the sake of keeping ETS Blue documents together for posterity, I'll also attach a copy of the pilot project's application form which was shared by a user in a private forum.

ETS Blue 2007 Report | ETS Blue 2009 Report | ETS Blue Application Form

Speaking of historic documents, here are two newspaper articles from the early 2000s that you might find interesting. The first is from December 2003 when council voted to end the LRT's downtown free-riding zone. The second is from August 2003 when the LRT got its new (and current) fare vending machines. This article is particularly interesting because it points out that they are capable of accepting smart cards and credit cards.

LRT Free Downtown.pdf | LRT Fare Vending Machine.pdf

One more thing: The Edmonton Journal has a collection of articles from the 1990s which all pertain to Edmonton's fight with the province to expand the LRT network. As Klein was Premier for most of this period, it is a very interesting glimpse into why he was such a major factor in the stunting of the network's growth. It's been shared on this forum a few times already, but we've gotten a lot of new members since then and so I think it's worth bringing to the surface yet again.

The History of the Funding of Edmonton's LRT: The 1990s


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This is awesome! Just want to note some of the links (AB Public Vehicle Discussion Board) don’t seem to work without an account.
Thanks for the heads up; that's the private forum! I didn't realize the file links would take you there. I posted the documents here, but it won't let me insert them into the post. Is there any way to share PDFs on here? For now, I just uploaded them to Google Drive and shared the links.
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