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2023-26 Edmonton Budget

The point is simply that the city is collecting less in real dollars than last year.

If you received anything less than a 7.5% wage increase, so are you. (Disclaimer that 7.5% may not be the exact figure depending on how you calculate it, but it is certainly in that range)

Reporting in nominal (not inflation adjusted amounts) can really mislead as to real impact.

Recall that the percentage given for an "increase" to property taxes is purely nominal, not based on an underlying base that moves with the economy (unlike income taxes, for example).

So let's enjoy our 2% tax decrease. Pretty rare that happens now a days.
sorry to be so blunt but that’s nonsense. a 5% increase in taxes when inflation is 7.5% is NOT “a reduction in taxes”, it is just an increase in taxes that is less than inflation. 100% of that 5% is still an increase in taxes.

it’s also nonsense to assume that the city of edmonton is purchasing the “typical basket of goods” that is used to calculate core inflation: household operations, furnishings and equipment; clothing and footwear; transportation; health and personal care; recreation, education and reading; and alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and recreational cannabis.

approximately half of edmonton’s operating budget is for “personnel”. noting that wage increases have been a lot less than 5% budget increase, that means that the increase is coming from the other half of the budget and is likely quite a bit higher than the 7.5% benchmark you’re positing.

i’m happy you can enjoy the upcoming 21.5% increase in your property taxes over the next four years. most edmontonians however, are not likely in the position of being able to share that joy with you.
I'm not a fiscal hawk, but a 20% tax increase over 4 years is very hefty, particularly when Council is already looking for $60 million in savings from administration. I don't think this was a good budget when councillors seem entirely unwilling or unable to look at two of the largest line items -- policing and roads.
Has the city considered a rebate program for low income taxpayers? Would soften some of the blow while allowing the city to keep up services.
When is comes to property taxes, not sure the City has the power to do that under the MGA. Someone more knowledgeable about the MGA might know.
Maybe first start with your collective bargaining agreements and the continued work on middle management.