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2022 Highlights

In doing a quick Google search on the topic, it is definitely common to have half a police force or more live outside where they patrol. Actually one of the more common reasons given by officers in various cities is that it is more expensive to live in the city they work and based on their salaries, they live in less expensive bedroom communities.

But some police districts do find value in having officers live in the city they patrol and so they offer a bonus for officers who do.

In the case of EPS, if safety is a major factor (and I think that is understandable) it's impressive that more than half still decide to live in Edmonton.
I have multiple family members who are cops. So I’ve heard them share some of these sentiments, and I think it’s fair. But they also work in quadrants. So if you work for central or west, nothing is stopping you from living in millwoods or griesbach. Many of the people that work in west live in St. Albert, which is actually closer and more accessible for the bad guys in their area than other parts of Edmonton proper. So idk. I get not living right next to where you regularly patrol, I just hate how it plays out for taxes and that the people we pay to improve our city (police and city execs) often don’t even care enough to actually live in it. I’ve heard way too many eps and CoE talk about how much they hate it here. No wonder we can’t make progress faster.