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  1. cpnfantstk

    Urban National Park Option for the River Valley

    With the exception of the golf courses, how is it not natural? Asking to educate myself. Interesting that Frederick Todd (associate of Olmsted (Central Park designer) initially proposed using this system and it's associated ravines as recreational areas in the early 1900s. Ravine was proposed...
  2. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Right. A lot of ATMs but nowhere to spend the money. I guess they had felt that Canadian Brewhouse is entertaining enough for the masses. Should have been more selective with choice of tenant if they really wanted to be a true entertainment district. Missed opportunity and reeks of...
  3. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Yes, I like the reno of HSBC and the building itself. I used that building in particular as a comparison to height of this new proposal. I won't lose any sleep over the lack of height . I was just expecting more in that location. Last three renders of the proposed residential towers were so...
  4. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Hope you're right on the estimated height. Still think HSBC Bank building will tower over this one. They could round the corners a little to add some excitement to the project.
  5. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Put a spire on top and be done with it. 😄
  6. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton | Connect Centre | 56.3m | 16s | ONE Properties | DIALOG

    Agreed, While I like this better than the last couple of renders of their proposed residential tower, it's a far cry from what was in the original. Nice to have an all glass office building but this is pretty short and stumpy and doesn't look right in that location. Just flew over Doha a couple...
  7. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton | The Quarters Hotel and Residences | 280m | 80s | Alldritt Land | Kennedy

    Hopeful that Aldritt will stick with their initial plans and use that historical brick they have stored for the podium. If they could accomplish anything close to what was done with Kelley Ramsay's podium along with a sleek designed tower, we'll have something really special. This is their...
  8. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton Real Estate Market

    I can't like this post enough. Edmonton needs to clean up it's act and it should be priority one and accelerated. Not in decades time.. Beautify this city's core and you do it for your residents first and foremost. Shouldn't need a major sporting event to be thinking about this. There's been...
  9. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton | Prairie Sky Gondola | 76.2m | ?s | Prairie Sky | DIALOG

    Exactly. Two different projects but both will add a lot to this city for it's residents and for tourism .The shame about the High-Level line is that they asked for 80K of funding last year and council rejected them. I guess because of COVID. I hope this new council will be more open-minded and...
  10. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton | Rogers Place | ?m | ?s | Katz Group | HOK

    Yes, I agree. Looking at the ICE District directory on their website is very disappointing. There's a bunch of restaurants, banks , a grocery store and some professional services offered or coming soon. The only entertainment to be had is scheduled Roger's Place events. That's not an...
  11. cpnfantstk

    Village at ICE District | ICE District Prop. | Stantec

    ^ Block BG and IJ "trophy" first though. They seem to be following Carbon emission reduction deadlines for the rest of their projects. . 2030 or 2050.
  12. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton | Hyatt Place Edmonton (Quarters Hotel) | ?m | 12s | Hyatt | Dub Architects

    He can dish out hope a lot easier with a 280m building reaching the heavens. 😉
  13. cpnfantstk

    Edmonton | Falcon Towers | 170m | 44s | Langham Developments | Arc Studio

    ^Is that a horseshoe on that building?🥸