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    Alberta Politics

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    FC Edmonton - CPL

    Dub's was an arena proposal (Omniplex) and built mainly above ground. I am proposing a football/soccer stadium concept (much, much larger footprint) and built mostly below grade. Hence the three-city-block scale. Also part of the development could be subsidized by developing other mixed...
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    FC Edmonton - CPL

    @Avenuer Let me check under my sofa cushions...
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    For What it's Worth

    A newfound value for poop...
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    For What it's Worth

    Moore's Law gets another boost...
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    FC Edmonton - CPL

    Massing Model -- just for the fun of it...
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    Edmonton | University Commons | ?m | 7s | U of A | GEC

    You have a "flair" for the artistic!
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    Edmonton | Lewis Farms Community Recreation Centre | ?m | ?s | Saucier + Perrotte

    What's wrong with people wanting to live on acreages?
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    FC Edmonton - CPL

    Good question!
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    Old Strathcona / Whyte Avenue

    Hey -- the restaurant is for sale -- probably just Barry Sparrow wanting to take a respite -- doesn't mean the place won't be bought by another restaurateur and remain in business. P.S. I used to "live" at the Oyster Bar oh so many years ago.
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    FC Edmonton - CPL

    ^^^^I did it just now because it is TGIF and raining outside. 1. It would be to FIFA standards all around 2. Here's a guess -- $60 Million and a year to assemble if the City and the Province got behind the concept. Meanwhile with "Options" in place design of the structure could coincide with...
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    Edmonton City Centre Mall (Renovations) | ?m | 2s | LaSalle Investment Management

    I wonder if he/she is a descendant of Ma & Pa Kettle (look it up).
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    FC Edmonton - CPL

    Could be something like this (block plan)...
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    FC Edmonton - CPL

    Here's an off-the-cuff thought... Develop a major sports stadium on the three block area encompassed by the land between 105th Avenue and 106th Avenue (north/south) and 105th street and 108th street (east/west). Because of the wider and longer field in Canadian Football as compared to U.S...